SFCC Trades and Advanced Technology Center LEED Platinum

Sustainable Technologies Center

Academic Courses, Biofuels ♦ Energy Auditing ♦ Environmental Technologies ♦ Facilities Certificates & Technologies ♦ Green Building* ♦ HVAC ♦ Lead Certification ♦ OSHA ♦ Degree Programs: Plumbing ♦ Solar ♦ Active Water Harvesting ♦ Water Treatment ♦ Watershed Management ♦ Weatherization ♦ Welding.

LEED Platinum Registered

Solar thermal panels for heating and air conditioning ♦ Solar Photo voltaics for electricity ♦ Rooftop solar-thermal panels provide real-time learning experience as well as generate power ♦ Rainwater catchment for flushing toilets ♦ Dual electronic flush on urinals and toilets ♦ Electronic sensors on faucets ♦ Control center will display energy production and usage for monitoring of electricity use to measuring savings ♦ a planned 3-D visualization cave ♦ 96% LED lighting ♦ Motion sensing light fixtures ♦ “smart” lighting controls ♦ Passive solar heat collectors with translucent panels radiate heat back into building ♦ Skylights with fiber optic tubes reflect and expand light distribution ♦ Corridors and windows designed to integrate the building with the rest of campus ♦ Rooftop water collectors and waste water recycling for irrigation use ♦ 17,000-gallon hot water tank ♦ ICF construction and reflective roofing ensure efficient building envelope ♦ R-Value = 30 (insulation factor well above code) resists heat transmission ♦ Hot water chiller contributes to cooling the campus ♦ An “adsorber” converts solar energy into chilled water ♦ Grey water storage connects to campus for irrigation ♦ Operable windows ♦ Abundant natural light ♦ Recycled milk-bottle benches outside ♦ Rooftop garden ♦ an outdoor trellis will provide a “living wall” as an agriculture/horticulture learning space.


Houses Sustainable Technologies Center ♦ Rooftop teaching decks ♦ Classrooms and Workshops ♦ Student computer lab ♦ STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Support Center ♦ Faculty Common Area ♦ Administrative Offices ♦ Gathering nooks encourage collaboration, group study community ♦ WIFI ♦ Space for business and technology incubators ♦ Visual and Fine Arts storage ♦ Entrance “drum” symbolizes industry and innovation ♦ Entrance/exit areas highlight panoramic views.


Four classrooms and six workshops with oversized garage doors provide hands- & Workshops: on teaching opportunities and will offer courses and programs in Biofuels, Emerging Technologies & Contract Training, Green Building Trades (construction, electrical, energy efficiency, weatherization), Mechanical Trades (HVAC/plumbing).